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"Dear God, Who Farted?!"


"Dear God, Who Farted?!"

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'I'm with you until the end of the line.'

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Update #2 (on a fucking roll today apparently):
For the past couple of hours I’ve searched every corner of amazon and managed to find pretty much this whole outfit:

obviously not exactly the same, that’d be amazing but the jacket I found is pretty damn good and the left sleeve that I’d cut off can be used to make the straps that go across the front. I even stumbled across some boots that are probably the closest I’m gonna get without spending a fortune.
The only things I haven’t located yet are the knee guards and the belt but I figure they shouldn’t be too much of a hassle. 
So after I’ve been Blackpool this is what my money’s going on.

Cosplay musings. 

Update on my winter soldier cosplay.. kinda: okay so I was planning to use pepakura, build it up into the shape of Bucky’s arm and then layer it with fibreglass but then I just couldn’t handle pepakura at all, it wouldn’t have happened without some serious gbh occurring >_<. 
So then me and my friend devised a way to make a metal fucking frame that attached to my arm (I even bought some metal to get it started) and then create the actual surface of bucky’s arm out of super soft sheets of aluminium. It could have worked and would have looked amazing if it did but I have no idea how I would have put the indents and grooves into it and if I fucked up then it would have been a disaster.
So now I’mma just take a more simplistic approach. I’ve seen some amazing ones made out of stuff other than metal so I’m sure I can manage it. :) 


but the real question is has nemo found himself

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